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Sugilite is a rare mineral that is not found in that many areas of the world. It is also known as "Royal Lavulite" and "Royal Azel." Melody, in here book Love is in the Earth, describes Sugilite as "a love stone for this age" which represents all that is. Its vibration is of true spiritual love and encourages the manifestation of this vital energy in our surroundings and very being. It assists the user in resonating with the energy of the New Age and attuning to the perfect state of higher planes. Use of Sugilite enables the flow of this energy to enter the crown chakra and flow through all the chakras helping with connection to source. Sugilite makes it easier to become accepting of others and to be present to the here and now. Wonderful for situations where there is a possibility that anger, disappointment or conflict could prevail. It removes negativity, supports a feeling of well being and empowers co-creation. Sugilite seems to protect against, absorb and dissipate anger, hurt and other unwanted negative energies. It is a nurturing and balancing stone at all levels. Truly a stone of the New Age.