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K2 Azurite Granite

K2 Azurite Granite


Mount Godwin Austen




100% natural

K2 Stone works extremely well with the Third Eye Chakra. It bridges the gap between Crown and Throat Chakra and is intensified in the middle at the Third Eye. This stone is primarily known for its intense ability to awaken psychic and intuitive abilities. K2 Azurite helps us open up to receive Universal wisdom. It assists with out of body journeying and accessing Akashic records. It is also used as an effective meditation aid, helping to clear cluttering thoughts and tune into quiet stillness and insight. The K2 Azurite Stone spiritual properties help us to connect with our spirit guides and angels. If you are seeking assistance, guidance, or support from the Divine, K2 will help solidify that connection and allow you to absorb the messages.