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Rosewood is one of the most precious timbers on earth. It is a member of the rosewood family. The wood originates from the tropical forests of southern China, Indonesia and islands in the Indian Ocean. Rosewood is an evergreen tree, and grows slowly, reaching 30 feet in height and 10 inches in diameter after 300 years. Large pieces of Rosewood are rarely found, as it grows so extremely slow. The texture of the wood is very dense and resilient with a reddish-purple color and very intricate grain, while the finish of the wood is quite lustrous. Because of its rarity, it is called the "King of Woods". The growth rings of a Rosewood tree are spaced so close together that they are almost impossible to distinguish without magnification. Rosewood is extremely dense, and sinks in water. When new, objects made from Rosewood generally appear purple or reddish in color, but darken over time. Eventually the wood will become almost black, and the grain becomes virtually invisible. The subtle texture and coloring of aged red Rosewood are fascinating.