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Red Coral

Red Coral






100% natural

Coral is usually thought to be a plant while in fact it is an animal. It is fossilized in the deep ocean, resulting in a high-density structure which has very small holes in it. Coral is one of the three organic Gems (the other two being amber and pearl), and red coral is especially valuable in that it grows in an extremely slow pace – only one foot every 20 years and one kilogram in 300 hundred years. Coral is also considered one of the seven treasures in Buddhism, and the high rank Lamas in Tibet often hold coral beads in their hands. The first necklace of Queen Elizabeth II was made of red coral. Coral is the symbol of happiness, loyalty and eternity; it magnifies your air of prestige. The quality of red coral depends on its sheen and texture. High quality red coral has a touch of ripe smoothness and natural brightness, and has fingerprint-like patterns on the polished surface. Red coral should not be kept together with chemicals, acid or alkaline liquids, or perfume, etc. It should also be kept away from direct sunshine or other hard gems such as diamonds. Our red coral skulls are made from the best quality red corals, combining the natural elaborateness of red coral and the delicacy of our designers’ craft.